Blackfynn is looking for a talented front end engineer to join our team. We're a group of engineers, scientists, clinicians, and business minds tackling tough problems at the intersection of big data, research, analysis, and visualization. We need driven people to help bring our vision to life. Front end engineers design, shape, and build the features and experiences that empower our users.

About You

Here are things that we think lead to being a successful engineer at Blackfynn:

  • You care deeply about user experience and have strong design sensibilities.
  • You sweat the small stuff, thoughtful things that delight our users.
  • You're a generalist who happens to have deep knowledge in a area or two.
  • You have experience building on top of a variety of APIs.
  • You have experience building intuitive interfaces which solve complex tasks.
  • You consider what you do a craft and deliver clean code that others can pick up.
  • You're eager to review peer code and have your code reviewed.
  • You're team focused, care about engineering culture, and don't have an ego.

About Us

We're a team with diverse backgrounds who value working on a product that can make a meaningful impact on society. We appreciate healthy debate, curiosity, transparency, and getting things done. We care deeply about user experience in fields where it often is lacking; we want to raise that bar. We strive to build products which are intuitive, a challenge given the complex data we're managing. We're not language or library zealots, we're "right tool for the job" people. Today, those tools include:

  • Languages: Javascript/ES6
  • Web: Polymer, Node
  • Frameworks: Express
  • Technologies: Web sockets
  • Visualization: D3

Although experience with our existing stack is great, we're interested in engineers who are able to take the complex tasks our users perform and distill it down to an intuitive experience. We desire individuals who possess a keen sense of design. We're not looking for any specific industry knowledge, we learn what we need to learn from each other. That said, if you've had exposure to the healthcare and life science worlds, awesome, it'll be put to good use. Our market, and as a result our team, is inherently multidisciplinary, and we heavily lean on each other to navigate it. Above all else, we're looking for engineers who are mission driven and wish to use their talents to make a meaningful impact on people's lives.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salaries and stock options – we all share in Blackfynn’s success
  • Generous vacation benefits – we want you to work hard but also rest and recharge
  • Transportation allowance – to make your commute easy
  • Excellent health benefits – at the end of the day, we are here to improve healthcare

Why Blackfynn?

Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurologic conditions affect one in six people worldwide. We want to improve their lives. Neuroscience data is some of the most complex in science today. We need to improve access and collaboration around it. To achieve these goals, we need passionate, bright, collaborative, problem-solvers who want to use their skills and talents to make a positive impact in the world. Join a unique startup with an important mission.

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