One in six people worldwide has a neurologic disease that has no effective treatment.

Blackfynn’s Data Management Platform integrates complex neuroscience data to enable the development of life-saving therapeutics for debilitating human disease.



Upload diverse datasets




Integrate findings 





analyze data & discover connections




contribute & access curated datasets



facilitate collaborations



Create better drugs, devices & clinical care



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about us

Our vision grew out of a unique collaboration of experts across different fields: medicine, computer science, engineering, software, pharma, and business

Amanda Christini, M.D.

Zack ives, Ph.D.

Joost wagenaar, PH.D.

santiago vitullo

Brian Litt, M.D.

Simba Gill, Ph.D.

Michael Rabson, PH.D., J.D.




Help solve some of the hardest challenges facing science and medicine


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"Drug discovery: a jump-start for electroceuticals" 
with Kristoffer Famm, Kevin J. Tracey, Edward S. Boyden, and Moncef Slaoui


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