Persyst & Blackfynn announce strategic partnership

Persyst & Blackfynn announce strategic partnership


Philadelphia, PA and San Diego, CA.  Blackfynn Inc, a company developing technology tools to improve the development of drugs and devices for neurologic illness, and Persyst Development Corporation, the worldwide leader in EEG software, today announced a strategic partnership focused on data management for neurologic research.

Under the partnership, Blackfynn’s Data Management Platform™ will use Persyst data reading technology to support a broader range of EEG file formats used by neurologists and neuroscientists for research and clinical care, and Persyst will deploy the Blackfynn Data Management Platform™ throughout the company to support Persysts’ research and development efforts. 

Neuroscience data – EEG, MRI, high-resolution microscopy, genetics, and associated metadata – is some of the most complex that is used in science today. Scientists in the field are researching and developing therapeutics for important illnesses such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic conditions that affect one in six people worldwide. Without the ability to work collaboratively with these data in an integrated manner, and in the relevant context including links to metadata, teams of researchers and clinicians are prevented from making fundamental discoveries that advance the field toward better medicines, devices and care delivery approaches. Blackfynn’s Data Management Platform™ addresses this problem by enabling seamless upload and native in-browser viewing of any data type, collaborative tools, powerful search and links to analytic platforms.  

“Since we founded Blackfynn one year ago, we have focused on building the leading cloud-based software platform to empower neuroscience researchers and neurologists to make optimal use of their complex data,” said Amanda Christini, MD, Chief Operating Officer at Blackfynn. “Our partnership with Persyst will allow us to extend our platform’s functionality, and to continue to grow our capabilities to broadly support enterprise-wide R&D applications.”

“Persyst is the leading provider of clinical EEG software used in hospitals worldwide. We provide industry leading seizure detection, spike detection and trending for patients with seizure disorder and other neurologic conditions”, said Nicolas Nierenberg, CEO of Persyst Development Company. “By partnering with Blackfynn, we will further extend our software into the neuroscience research space. Moreover, Blackfynn’s cloud-based technology platform will enable us to store, access, analyze, and share EEG and other data throughout our organization and with external collaborators, so that we can develop, test and validate new analytic tools and algorithms rapidly and efficiently.”

About Blackfynn Inc.
Blackfynn helps the neuroscience and neurology communities make optimal use of data by powering an innovative platform that integrates and puts complex data in context. The Blackfynn Data Science Platform™ enables seamless upload and visualization of data regardless of source or format, collaborative science across teams, powerful search and links to analytics. Blackfynn’s industry-leading platform enables more effective research and development of personalized medicines, devices and clinical interventions.  Blackfynn works with leading investigators; hospitals, including one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals; and companies to unlock the value of their data enabling improved outcomes. For more information, please visit

About Persyst Development Corporation
Persyst is the leading supplier of clinical EEG software worldwide.  It is integrated, sold and supported by every leading manufacturer of EEG equipment including Natus, Nihon Kohden, Cadwell, and Compumedics.  Persyst provides the most advanced Seizure Detection, Spike Detection and Trending software available. Persyst is the standard of care for top neurological hospitals.  Nine out of the top ten hospitals for neurology in the U.S. (as ranked by US News) use Persyst for monitoring and review of EEG.

Contact for Blackfynn:
Amanda Christini, MD
Chief Operating Officer