Accelerating cures for neurologic disease

Neuroscience is at a crossroads


980 million people worldwide are affected by neurologic disease. Disease modifying therapeutics currently do not exist. While the field generates vast amounts of feature-rich data with sophisticated tools in genomics, imaging and physiology, multidisciplinary teams cannot easily use this fragmented data to see novel patterns.

Blackfynn’s Data Platform integrates complex neurological data to enable life-saving therapeutics for human disease.



Understand your patients

Our Data Platform enables a full understanding of the patient through multimodal data integration and discovery. We accelerate product development and optimal use of drugs and therapeutics through thoughtful software which brings together data, analytics and experts.

Unlock your data

Our Data Platform understands diverse scientific data: pathology, electrophysiology, radiology, time series genomics, device data, clinical data, neural, microscopy, video and others. We provide tools to integrate, visualize, analyze and discover connections.

Foster collaborative science

Our Data Platform takes your organization's data and makes it accessible and actionable for cross-functional teams. Our tools and API lower the barrier to hypothesis generation, biomarker identification, and patient stratification, helping you answer complex questions fast.


About Us


Our vision grew out of a unique collaboration of experts across different fields: medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, computer science, software engineering, and business. We speak the language of our customers and understand the challenges of big scientific endeavors.