Grant Support

Using Blackfynn as your data management solution for federally funded projects.

Blackfynn supports a large number of academic centers, and individual laboratories with their data management and data sharing needs. You can include platform and data storage costs for the Blackfynn platform as a line-item in your NIH, NSF, DARPA, or international grant proposals. Feel free to reach out to the Blackfynn team if you need a letter of support, or if you have specific questions on how you can include Blackfynn as part of your government award.

About Blackfynn

Blackfynn Inc. is company that provides a subscription based cloud based scientific data management platform for the life sciences. The Blackfynn platform eliminates key barriers to progress in neuroscience by enabling frictionless, multimodal data integration, analysis and sharing. It allows scientists to manage and share their data in a meaningful way, capturing files and metadata in a sustainable, scalable and user-friendly way.

Data security and compliance.

The Blackfynn platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Blackfynn’s security model is anchored on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. During our cyclical risk management evaluations we apply industry standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as input from third-party experts.

All data transmitted from customer devices to the Blackfynn platform is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption. To provide encryption and data segregation at rest, each organization has a unique key in which data is encrypted using AES-256. This encryption is managed by Amazon's Key Management Service (KMS). Audit logs track each time a key is used to encrypt or decrypt data. Every file uploaded to the platform is individually scanned for viruses and will not enter the platform if the file is found to be infected. Blackfynn backups are geo-redundantly replicated across multiple availability zones for data durability.

You can learn more about the way we store and manage data by reading our Security Overview.

Data management and sharing.

The Blackfynn platform stores all scientific data files, and metadata structures related to a project in a meaningful way to fosters collaboration and validation. The platform provides advanced tools for accessing these data through a web-application and programmatically using the Blackfynn client tools. The investigator can choose to share these data with collaborators on the platform or/and make these data publicly available at any time.

FAIR Principles

Blackfynn is committed to provide a data platform in accordance with the FAIR principles for scientific data management and stewardship (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability). The platform implements the features and functionality required for sharing data in an open, and meaningful way with the scientific community and provides the tools for scientists to share their data in context, leveraging standards for data and meta-data.

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