The leading platform for neuroscience.

The Blackfynn platform eliminates key barriers to progress in neuroscience by enabling frictionless, multimodal data integration and analysis. Our platform is driving novel discoveries toward improved treatments for neurological diseases.

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Simplified data management and integration.

Integrated multimodal data

Our platform understands neurological data, integrating EEG and other time series, radiology, genomics, neural, video, pathology, device, tabular, clinical data and metadata for rapid visualization and analysis.

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Capture device data in real-time

Stream data from medical devices to our platform in real time. Visualize, annotate and analyze data to improve device performance, diagnosis, and clinical care when and where it matters most.

View, explore and annotate

Our interactive, web-based viewers allow you to interact dynamically with your data. View, navigate, and explore your data regardless of its original file format or source, and annotate it for further analysis.

Make novel discoveries.

Rapidly explore relationships within data

Visualize connections between different data modalities across individuals or populations. Our platform understands neuroscience data — giving you the tools to generate hypotheses and drive discovery without the need for complex queries.

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Run advanced data analyses

Our platform integrates into your existing workflows through a rich set of APIs and data libraries. Retrieve, upload, describe, and annotate your data programmatically with the applications and tools you already use.

Model data to fit your needs

Describe your data using recognized ontologies and common data elements, or create your own data models using our powerful knowledge graph. Create explicit relationships between concepts to get a better understanding of your data.

Interoperability and security.

HIPAA compliant

Our platform safeguards your sensitive data and complies with HIPAA standards. Our platform uses SSL and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to create a secure tunnel while data is transferred and 256-bit encryption while it's at rest.

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Control access to your data

Keep data private or share it with your team. Our platform provides the tools to organize and share your data based on your rules — you decide who has access.

Maximize flexibility

Connect to your existing databases and systems for full interoperability.

Accelerate discoveries through collaboration.

Access your data from anywhere

You and your team can access and use your data no matter where in the world you are located.

Screenshot of our discussions feature.

Smart notifications

Invite members of your team to access datasets. Blackfynn will automatically alert them when data is processed so they can easily review new data.

Collaborative expert annotations

Access and annotate data the moment it becomes available and discuss annotations at the source.

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