The leading platform for neuroscience.

Enabling real-time, closed-loop control of devices for personalized therapy.

Built specifically for neuroscience, Blackfynn eliminates barriers to novel discoveries by enabling frictionless, multi-modal data integration and analysis.

Built for neuroscience data.

Gain a holistic understanding across all your data, from raw data such as EEG, radiology, pathology and genomics data to the metadata that describes it.

Dynamic discovery and analysis.

Our real time analysis tools empower you to dynamically identify patterns in your integrated datasets to create patient cohorts, visualize disease progression over time and novel biomarkers.

Flexible cloud-based platform.

Designed with integration in mind, leverage Blackfynn's extensive API and client libraries from the tools and analytical environments you already work in.

Secure and compliant.

Built securely from the ground up, Blackfynn safeguards your data in a compliant manner and gives you the tools to provide access to it on your terms.

What we do

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals →
Improve your probability of success, identify patient cohorts of interest, and generate real-world evidence for payers and regulators.

Therapeutic Devices →
Infrastructure and analytics to enable the next generation of data-driven, closed-loop, precision neuromodulating therapeutic devices.

Academic & Non-Profits →
Seamlessly manage and work with all of your data across teams, institutions and organizations.

Illustration of data being visualized.

Metadata Management

Capture the knowledge related to raw data and the relationships that exist across it with metadata that adheres to data models specific to your organization, common data elements and ontologies.

Multi-Modal Data Storage

Store all your scientific data in a centralized, flexible data store that accommodates all relevant modalities including EEG, radiology, genomics, neural, video, pathology, device, and clinical data.

Knowledge Graph

Utilize the platform across your organization or lab by leveraging the Knowledge Graph, a flexible, adaptable storage engine fit to capture the diverse findings unlocked through the exploration of your data.

Security & Compliance

Keep your data safe and secure. The platform provides extensive access control tools to organize and share data based on your rules, safeguarded and compliant with HIPAA standards.

Open API

Access your raw data and navigate the metadata that relates to it through a simple, secure and extensible API. Build custom applications and integrations with your existing workflows and processes.

Client Libraries

Operate on data on the platform with the languages you use every day. Retrieve, upload, annotate and analyze data programmatically through intuitive and idiomatic Python and Matlab client libraries.


Rely on infrastructure that is resilient, redundant and extensible to meet the dynamic needs of your organization.


Increase the value of your data and the metadata around it equipping your team with the tools to discuss, annotate and explore it together.

Interactive Viewers

Visualize, explore and annotate your data without the need for 3rd party tools and regardless of its original file format or source through interactive web-based viewers.

Data Sharing

Increase accessibility to data across your organization and the broader scientific community. Publish datasets to consortiums and to the public.

Data Discovery & Search

Discover datasets of interest, shared by your organization, consortium or the public domain. Leverage them in the context of your work.

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