Revolutionizing therapeutics.

We enable the next generation of therapeutic devices, clinical services, and disease-modifying therapeutic drugs for patients with neurological disease.

Therapeutic Devices

Closed-loop control for personalized therapy.

Current therapeutic devices to treat Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, psychiatric disease, pain and other conditions are often ineffective for patients, have multiple side effects, and require invasive, risky surgical procedures. The next generation of medical devices will allow for precise measurement and generation of therapeutic electrical signals to treat a wide range of diseases. Blackfynn handles real-time device data and provides closed-loop control to improve today's medical devices and enable the next-generation of therapeutic devices.

Clinical Services

Improved outcomes for patients.

Patient data is collected continuously in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Yet it is only infrequently reviewed or analyzed by physicians or clinical researchers.

There is an urgent need to improve care outcomes and lower cost in healthcare. Understanding the data — together, and in context — is the key to unlocking this opportunity.

Blackfynn provides the capability for clinicians and researchers to collaborate and dynamically explore combined EEG, imaging, clinical and other relevant patient and population data to achieve this goal.

Disease-Modifying Drugs

Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

The causes of neurological diseases are not well understood, slowing breakthrough discoveries that could lead to disease-modifying drugs. The ability to integrate and find patterns among all complex data — including electrophysiology, neurochemistry, imaging, -omics, device and clinical data — is required to achieve this ambitious goal.

Blackfynn enables seamless management, integration and analysis of this complex data. Our platform makes it possible to have full visibility into data and data relationships, potentially leading to novel biomarkers of disease progression and therapeutic response, new drug targets grounded in disease physiology, and ultimately, therapeutics that treat the disease rather than its symptoms.

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