Better therapeutics through data.

We make sense of complex data to create better treatments for neurological diseases.

Data-driven drug treatments.

There are no available drugs that treat the underlying causes of neurological illness.

Most novel drug candidates for neurological diseases fail in clinical trials. Far more than for any other indication.

These failures are partially driven by our lack of complete understanding of disease mechanism and progression for different patient groups. Developing this complete understanding will require a different approach; one that brings together imaging, clinical, genomics, biospecimen, pathology, sensor and other relevant data for integrated analysis. Blackfynn pioneered this approach specifically for neurology and is broadly enabling the development of precision, data-driven therapeutics.

Smarter therapeutic devices.

Devices that treat neurological diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease are limited by their large size, lack of specificity and inability to respond in real time to the changing therapeutic needs of patients. Further, it is difficult to predict which patients will get better, and which may get worse, with device therapy.

Blackfynn provides the infrastructure to enable miniaturized, responsive, closed-loop therapeutic devices that can be used to adjust therapy in a personalized way for each patient based on their own brain activity. And, by analyzing integrated data from patient populations over time – EEG, MRI, neurochemistry and clinical data – it may be possible to predict which patients will benefit most from device therapy before they undergo risky surgical procedures.

Blackfynn is uniquely poised to drive the development of a whole new class of precision therapeutic neuromodulation devices.

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